Vita’s Blog: Olympics and ‘relaxation’ time

Vita Gottlieb Fashion Fringe studioTime ticks on and as I start to tick more and more tasks off the massive white list on my pin-board, and more and more garments are finished and hung on the rail, there is a palpable excitement as the collection comes together – you can see the transformation on the rail and it’s exciting to think that in only a few weeks time, these clothes will be swaying down the runway.

Working and living in London during the Olympics has been surprisingly easy. I’d anticipated great delays and frustration getting to work but luckily I don’t live too far, and the overground doesn’t seem to be much affected. When the sun came out in that week, a couple of days I got waylaid at Shoreditch House on the way to the overground, watching members’ beach volleyball in the pool.

Vita Gottlieb GlyndebourneBut mainly each night after the studio closes I’m straight back home, hand stitching in front of the TV, sketching out ideas for next season, or cooking, which is how I relax. My garden is overgrown though, and my friends probably think I’ve disappeared, but to be honest, I’m just happy to be so focussed and working on something so exciting.

Chilled out suppers at home with friends is so important thought, no matter how hard I’m working, so I try and fit that in and swap stories on what we’re up to. I spent a few days in beautiful Cornwall, when the sun was out, on long coastal walks – we came across wild ponies and sunbathed on rocks by the sea. That was lovely! But even then, I found time to sit in the shade of a tree, stitching piping trim onto dupion silk to while away the afternoon.

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Vita Gottlieb is a 2012 Fashion Fringe Finalist. From London, Vita has no formal training in fashion but studied for an MA in Fine Art at Central St Martins. Her varied CV encompasses everything from making documentaries, short films and TV commercials to working as a textile designer. The most-played sound in her studio during the day is BBC Radio 4 – Vita is inspired by human stories.

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