Vita’s Blog: Halfway through and on-track

Vita Gottlieb studio schedulesI can’t believe we’re half way through. It feels like time has sped past and each day that finishes, we’re one step closer. The schedules on my ‘scheduling corner’ (RIGHT) are filling up with red dots – finished patterns, toiles, and final samples. I feel on-track although there is still a mountain of things to do.

My studio is filled with piles of styles, cut and pinned onto the prints, and ready to be made up. Then more piles of patterns to be altered and re-toiled, toiles to be fitted and lengths of trim waiting to be made up into new fabric.

There is an atmosphere of calm fastidiousness and concentration, as we all work through what needs to be done. Sometimes we stop to watch the workmen on the rooftops opposite or marvel at the schizophrenic weather, but mostly it’s heads down, focus. I’m drinking a ton of coffee, but this is usual in my working day. De-caf seems to be the answer!

Vita Gottlieb & Roy PeachOne challenge seems to be to keep everyone else in the studio busy and clear about their tasks for the day, when it’s a full studio, so that it also doesn’t distract me from my own tasks. It’s basically people management and it’s a learning curve. I’ve now got into a routine of keeping the beginning of the week full and the end, just a couple of us, to keep the energy/focus of the week shifting. I think it’s important to create a tight team and inject a sense of fun, too.

Visits from Roy Peach (LEFT) and Angela Quaintrell have been illuminating – whilst they often have a differing (technical/commercial) viewpoint from each other, both are always completely invaluable and I’m learning to take it all on whilst still remaining true, trusting my own instinct and vision. Tweaks are being made where they are needed, but the overall mood and atmosphere of the collection hasn’t veered from its original inception.


About Author:

Vita Gottlieb is a 2012 Fashion Fringe Finalist. From London, Vita has no formal training in fashion but studied for an MA in Fine Art at Central St Martins. Her varied CV encompasses everything from making documentaries, short films and TV commercials to working as a textile designer. The most-played sound in her studio during the day is BBC Radio 4 – Vita is inspired by human stories.

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