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The dead end days of August, when warm seas and velvet nights beckon, and work is put on hold. Not with Fashion Fringe at Covent Garden, however, our four Finalists are hard at it in their studios provided in Curtain Road by the London College of Fashion. Under the watchful eye of the technical experts and with the guidance of Professor Roy Peach, Dean of MA Fashion and Georgina Carr at the LCF and Angela Quaintrell our mentor. They are well on the way to putting the finishing touch to the designs that will be featured in the Fashion Fringe at Covent Garden show on September 21st.


But before that, one garment from each finalists has ben chosen and photographed for a special feature which will appear in the Sunday Times Style at the end of August, with a commentary by Style Wardrobe Mistress, Gemma Soames. I am always so pleased about this, not only because I have worked with the Sunday Times for many years, but also because such invaluable exposure in what I believe everyone accepts is the top newspaper supplement for fashion means that, no matter who finally wins, all four finalists have initially received equal coverage.


Since its inception, we have all worked to make Fashion Fringe a Covent Garden better each year for our finalists and supporters alike. But the one thing we can not do is to make all four Finalists winners. It has been my personal dream since the beginning, but we simply do not have the extended resources to realise it. Nevertheless, I live in hope. But as far as mentoring and sound advice are concerned, I believe we really achieve a great deal. No matter what the final judgement is, I am confident that each of the designers can go ahead with their creative careers, knowing that the mentoring they receive from our supporters will stand them in good stead no matter where their own talents will take them. And that is one of the most important things that Fashion Fringe at Covent Garden can give them.

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And, of course, contact with a world-famous name is another. Which is why I am so pleased that Helen Robotham, our Accessories winner, this year has had the individual experience of working within the Jimmy Choo organisation under the guidance of Tamara Mellon, who is the chair or our Accessories committee, and a legend in her own time, and the Creative Director Sandra Choi.


Fashion Fringe at Covent Garden is totally committed to nurturing young talent as much as possible. So it is a great pleasure that we announce that this year’s trophy is designed for us by one of the best young jewellers working in London today, Jessica McCormack.

Jessica McCormack’s Biography


We are pleased to say that we have now got a very prestigious West End law firm by the name of Davenport Lyons on board. With their ability to mentor our designers, concerning the all important business of setting up a label with ensuring that all of the legal boxes ticked, we are very excited about this new partnership.

From the Fashion Fringe Team x

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