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Teija Eilola toileFinding your own fitting model is one of the first steps for creating a collection. She is really the mirror of the show to come. Putting things on her will be the first sign of either ‘oh no, this design is not working…’ or more often, ideally, ‘Yes! It’s working. She looks great in it!’. She will be the one you base your measurements on too – so she is essentially your beautiful live ruler. And she will sometimes give you feedback too. The occasional twirl and walk is necessary (not least because it’s so fun!)

I have a brilliant fitting model visiting the Fashion Fringe studio at the moment. I think she is brilliant because she combines three of my personal criteria from a fit model: she has curves, she knows how to throw a pose for the camera and if asked she can talk for hours offering funny model stories. Sometimes I just want her to keep on talking..! Last week she told me about her modelling gig in Istanbul: She was taken around the shows – often without even knowing which designer or brand she would represent each day, so it would be like ‘Oh it’s bikinis and hotpants today’. And how she could get away with no make-up on when modelling in the showrooms – that is impressive!

Fitting sessions have been the moment of truth when working in the Fashion Fringe studio. The patterns that have been worked on for the past couple of days are being judged, tweaked, cut into, taped and draped. And when the pattern has worked and the proto looks good by fit and proportion, the design gets underway for the machinist.

Although the hardest part for the designer is to say, “This is ready”. And let the garment be cut!

~ Teija

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Teija Eilola is a 2012 Fashion Fringe Finalist. She gained a Distinction for her MA from the Royal College of Art, receiving the RSA Student Design Award in 2002. Teija has worked for both high street and high-end designers whilst setting up her own label. Originally from Finland, Teija’s favourite animal is a Finnish hare in winter.

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