Official Logistics Partner


Fashion is a fast moving market. Consumers want the next catwalk trend on the high street as soon as possible.

DHL helps feed the couture appetite. From importing samples in development; to exporting the latest collection for retail. We have it covered.

With more than 50 years experience in fashion, DHL has provided the speedy response, excellent quality and convenient delivery the industry demands; especially in this era of multiple sales channels and online retailing.

DHL provides services that span the entire supply chain. From materials procurement and sample production, to warehousing, distribution and international delivery. We also provide other capabilities that add real value for the fashion industry, such as garment processing, pre-retailing services, quality assessment and reverse logistics.

We have the widest global network of any international express and logistics supplier; working across more than 220 countries worldwide. DHL ensures those important designs – no matter how big or small – get where they need to be. When they need to be there.

“Fashion Fringe gives us an ideal opportunity to share our expertise with these exciting young designers”, said Sue Perry-Whitehead, Director of Consumer Products and Retail Sales at DHL Express UK. “Through our mentoring programme, the designers gain an understanding of how important effective supply chain management is in the highly competitive world of fashion; helping them to become not only budding designers but business entrepreneurs.”

DHL has been a valued Partner of Fashion Fringe since 2008.