Nabil Nayal’s Fashion Fringe Blog: The Final Runway Show

The journey through SS12 has been absolutely incredible.The highs, the lows and the in-betweens seem to unite and I am left with a warm feeling in my heart.

Through the help and support of Fashion Fringe and the endless support of the panel including, to name a few, Claudia Schiffer, Anne Pitcher and Angela Quaintrell, I have arrived at a refined collection that is both commercially viable and also exudes confidence – all of which are characteristics that I embrace.

Strong, confident women dominated Nabil’s Fashion Fringe catwalk (c) Ian Gavan | Getty Images for Fashion Fringe

There are many highlights that I will never forget about the process. The biggest, of course, was that of the show night itself. I realised I had achieved something truly special when I observed my models talking amongst themselves in the dressing room; they were truly comfortable in my clothes, they seemed to feel empowered and – most importantly – they were wearing the clothes, not the other way around – something that has always been an objective from the outset; real clothes for real women.

The reviews of my collection since the show have been overwhelmingly positive. It seems the press have really picked up on all of my signature points; confidence, a sense of drama and also a sense of reality behind the story. All of which are fueling AW12!

Nabil Nayal takes to the runway for his finale (c) Ian Gavan | Getty Images for Fashion Fringe

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