Heidi’s Fashion Fringe Blog: The Final Runway Show

The Saturday of the show was a surprisingly calm day for me. I just felt happy at the thought that I could shut off my brain from making garments for a while and just see the accumulation of all the work and intensity I’ve experienced in the last two months.

The funny part was unpacking all the garments to see that my rails looked so sparse and the garments so tiny! But I amused myself by having a laugh at the goofy shoes – which were meant to be super ugly but ended up being one of my favourite things about the collection. It was such a personal part of me as they came from an embarrassing memory of my 90’s teen years.

Heidi Leung Fashion Fringe shoesHeidi’s retro shoes on the runway (c) Ian Gavan | Getty Images for Fashion Fringe

The models were so amazing as they all fit my brief so perfectly! They looked like a beautiful, mischievous tribe… and then the music!! Nothing is more fun than making up the entire story and seeing it come alive.

I was very fortunate to have met the people I’ve met through this event. They provided such wonderful company and encouragement. Fashion Fringe was an eye-opening experience that has taught me so much. Going forward, I will keep in mind what I have learned but most importantly, I hope I will get to see and work again with the people I’ve met through it.

Heidi x

Heidi Leung Fashion Fringe FinaleHeidi’s Fashion Fringe Finale (c) Ian Gavan | Getty Images for Fashion Fringe

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