FYODOR GOLAN’s Fashion Fringe Blog: The Final Runway Show

This insane trip feels like it just started yesterday but now it is all a part of our history.

Fyodor: I remember being sixteen years old in college in Latvia, burning with desire to somehow contact Colin and talk about fashion, show him my work and listen to what he would say. And now being supported by him… it is an incredible honor and what’s amazing is that it is so easy to talk to him.

We are incredibly grateful for Fashion Fringe’s support.

We are writing this between days when we are going to our Paris Show room and starting to work on our new A/W12 collection. We can’t wait to get our hands dirty in our new studios in Somerset House and that alone was so worth it; all the sleepless nights spent hand-sewing with laser-cut circles everywhere…

Fyodor Golan in studioFyodor (left) and Golan (right) with the impressive result of late nights spent hand sewing thousands of laser-cut circles (c) Nilu Izadi for Fashion Fringe

Golan: We really enjoyed our personal talks with the judges; when Roland came to our studio the conversation was so real, it was a pure exchange of ideas that left a mark on both of us. I will never forget Claudia and Roland whispering to us after the [winner’s] announcement to keep on doing what we are doing and to stay true to ourselves.

Throughout this process we met so many amazing people that helped us. They made us confident that fashion is not something unreachable but something worth fighting for, and that it is worth it to stand our ground. Angela Quaintrell especially was an amazing friend to us throughout the whole journey.

We know what we want and are going for it and this is something everybody needs to do.

Fashion Fringe is a family that pushes to create a future for the next generations of designers.

FYODOR GOLAN with Fashion Fringe trophy

Fyodor and Golan walked away with the 2011 Fashion Fringe trophy, designed by Jessica McCormack (c) Ian Gavan | Getty Images for Fashion Fringe

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