Fashion Fringe 10th Anniversary: An Interview with FYODOR GOLAN

It’s Fyodor Podgomy and Golan Frydman who make up the creative force behind FYODOR GOLAN. Awarded the Fashion Fringe crown in 2011, the duo work with shape, texture and intricacies to produce collections that although fashion-forward in their delivery, are grounded in artistic foundations. Since their win, they’ve been embraced by the industry and with the help of technology and companies like Samsung, extended their presence even further. Sat in their Somerset House studio, the pair talked us through their Fashion Fringe piece and technology’s impact on fashion.

Talk me through this piece, the Fashion Fringe 10th Anniversary piece.

Fyodor: We really wanted to show something iconic and something that we’re known for. So the clean geometric shape with the dramatic pleats but then integrate textural elements that are rich and intense at the same time. So you have that contrast of the shape and the feathers give a sense of repetition.

Golan: We love combining the beautiful geometries of life with shapes of the natural world. We looked at different creatures that had that – moths, owls, butterflies.

You won Fashion Fringe a few years back now, how has it propelled you into the industry?

G: We’ve come a long way since the win. I think it was a launchpad for us as young designers. We were picked by Harvey Nichols that same season in London and started selling internationally in Italy and Hong Kong. It just exposed our collection straight away to such an international focus. It has really helped just putting our vision out there to the industry.

What’s been the best part for you?

G: The best part is the studio. A space is such an important thing for young designers. I don’t think people realise. On our first season, we were working from our studio flat. It was tiny. We had one dress that was so big one of us had to work on it in the bed and one of us had to work on it in the kitchen. So the space has been an incredible support.

How have you seen technology change fashion over the last ten years?

F: It definitely has evolved dramatically with all the 3D printing and laser-cutting. There are more textures and fabrics available now. People are more open to wear blends of polyester and things like that and aren’t narrow-minded to silks. Fashion is really changing right now actually, with all the young designers coming into the picture. It creates new energy, new drive, new spirit.

G: I feel fashion was at a state of being stuck for a while. It felt a bit like, where are we going with luxury? Does it still have a place in modern society? Now, that place has been found with the expression and creativity of younger generations. So suddenly you have twenty-something year olds developing apps and things like Facebook and they’re creative people. Luxury suddenly appeals to a different audience, which gives us as high-end designers a wider spectrum to play with. Technology has given opportunity both to work with more experimental fabrics but to expose ourselves to a wider audience with social media.

F: It exposes us to a younger audience too. All these invisible places you don’t think about are popping up and becoming big in some way.

G: It’s definitely making the world smaller.

And lastly, if you could invite anyone to dinner dead or alive, who would it be?

G: I had Marilyn Monroe straight away.

F: Me too, Marilyn Monroe.


Words by Josh Walker
Images by NiluFar


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