Fashion Fringe 10th Anniversary: An Interview with Corrie Nielsen

It’s been three years since Corrie Nielsen was hailed winner of Fashion Fringe after bringing her creativity to the catwalk in 2013. Choosing to combine pure design talent with rich historical inspiration, Nielsen’s work is bold, dramatic and innovative. In an interview with Fashion Fringe only days before the Fashion Fringe 10th Anniversary big reveal, she talked going back to her roots and her views on the industry over the past ten years.

What approach did you take with your FF10 piece?

I looked at the first collection which was the Fashion Fringe win and then took elements from that and looked at my first on-schedule collection inspired by the Elizabethan period. I also looked at my AW12 collection. I’ve gone back to my roots. It’s looking at three collections and coming up with one design based on those three.

So it’s been ten years of Fashion Fringe. How have you found it since the win?

Fashion Fringe have been tremendously helpful but at the same time it’s up to the individual. You have to push yourself and constantly find new directions that will take you where you want your business to go in the long run. It’s important not to lose your heart in it because you can get so caught up in the industry that you can lose your direction.

Do you sell abroad?

I do a lot of bespoke and in talks with boutiques in Saudi Arabia and I’ve had interest from Russia.

How have you seen Fashion Fringe input to fashion over the past ten years?

It’s more selective. Very selective. They engage. Colin McDowell has an image and a reputation that is worldwide so he can engage with these big designers to help talent be seen and introduced on a major platform and do something that’s good. He’s a one of a kind. There’s just way too much in fashion but he’s very selective and I like that.

If you could give yourself any advice before you started your label, what would it be?

I think probably I would have made better choices with who I partnered up with to do business.

Words by Josh Walker
Images by NiluFar


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